Dead Man’s Hole

Did you know there used to be a mortuary underneath the arches of Tower Bridge? It’s no longer in use, but the practically-tiled space still exists if you care to look. With steps leading down to the water, it was originally built to house the many corpses that were fished out of the river before they could float out to see and be lost forever. They lay here waiting to be identified before they were taken for burial.

The Dead Man’s Hole is still there today and if you look closely you can take a peek inside at the white tiled walls and long hooks mounted on the walls, which look suspiciously like they were used for hooking floating bodies before they headed out to sea…

From the outside view with the steps that lead down deep into the water you can appreciate just how much the Thames rises in height due to the tide over the course of each day, which can be up to 7 metres.

And here, just for context, is a photo of Tower Bridge in all her glory!

Image Sources:,_Londres,_Inglaterra,_2014-08-11,_DD_099.JPG

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