London’s Secret Ghost Parade

London’s a place of constant surprises.

Did you know that every year London hosts a secret ‘ghost parade’ which happens on dark, silent streets in the early hours of the morning?

Officially it doesn’t exist, but what is referred to as the ghost parade is actually a rehearsal for the Lord Mayor’s Show, which takes place in the unholy hour of around 4 in the morning because the roads are fairly empty.

So, if you live in Central London and are woken in the night by the soft clatter of horses hooves and carriages rumbling along the tarmac you can safely go back to sleep. It’s probably just that…

If you want to read more about the ghost parade and see some photos you can read more here…

Source of the image (the guy in the parade pulling a particularly epic face):’s_Show_2010_-_21.jpg

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